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The Fellowship Community is a 501(c)(3) non-profit inter-generational community serving the needs of elders through the phases of aging, from independent apartment living to more direct care, all the way through the end of life, based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy.

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Supporting a Way of Life at the Fellowship Community

The Fellowship Community is a unique place, located on over 80 wooded acres, with a Biodynamic farm that provides organic food for the community, various craft workshops and Anthroposophic study groups.

The Fellowship Community provides a safe and comfortable environment for seniors to live during retirement, and offers human-centered, high-quality care through the end of life. We offer all of this to our Members at the most affordable rates possible, so that the community is available to as many people as possible.

Members are able to live out their lives with deep social connections, fulfilling hobbies and meaningful work, supported by loving care and delicious, healthy farm-to-table meals. We rely on your contributions to be able to provide this way of life.

When you contribute to General Operations at the Fellowship, you are allowing this unique, conscious way of living to thrive and to survive into the future.

Care for Those in Need, with the Members Support Fund

The Fellowship Community is committed to providing stability and security for our elder Members who have financial difficulty and can no longer pay the full fees to live and be cared for at the Fellowship.

No one has ever been asked to leave the Fellowship because they have run out of funds, but the need for this kind of support has increased greatly over the last several years, putting a large burden on the finances of the community.

When you contribute to the Members Support Fund, you are providing direct aid to real people in need, including retired Waldorf teachers who have dedicated their lives to serving and educating others.

We are asking for your help to be able to continue this kind of generous support for our elders in need.

Thank you!